Whoa Lydia Ko!

How impressive is this young woman…she possesses tremendous golf talent, but she is also an incredible person off the course. Smart, great speaking presence, understands her role as a leader of not just women’s/girl’s golf, but golf in general. Every junior golfer can learn from her and incorporate some of her traits into their golf game and everyday life.

From a golf standpoint, her calmness down the stretch this past weekend was that of a seasoned veteran, not that of a girl who just turned 17 two days before! That calmness is just as much learned as it is natural…Lydia has put herself in that position many times before and learned from each occasion. You don’t show that sort of resolve by chance, you develop it over time. For all of you junior golfers- learn from Lydia. Use her as an example for how to deal with situations of pressure…. how to keep calm.





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