Bubba Wins, Spieth Loses?

The 2014 Masters Tournament was filled with story-lines going into Sunday…only one winner would be crowned, but there were many defeats.

First off, congratulations to Bubba Watson on winning a second green jacket…and let us emphasize “winning”. Bubba shot a majestic 3 under round on Sunday, one of the low rounds of the day. He did exactly what he needed to do in order to put on another green jacket.

Among the contenders who would not earn themselves any green thread were the likes of: Miguel Angel Jimenez, the ageless Spaniard with an exuberant zest for life, Matt Kuchar, the Georgia Tech grad who looks as happy as a child at Disney World when he is on the golf course, and Jordan Spieth.

Spieth is not the same type of personality as Kuch and Miguel, but he is honest, like-able, inspiring, and many more worthy adjectives. Spieth is part of the new breed of golfer that seems to have chosen golf over other sports like baseball and football. Thus, he brings an un-orthodox emotion to the golf course…similar to the likes of ugh, cough- Tiger Woods or Rory Mcilroy.

What is bothersome is the reaction the media gave towards the 20 year old, and his emotion during the final round. There were many critics of his behavior who posted negative response to how Jordan handled the pressure- the pressure of trying to win The Masters at age 20, in front of the world, on a golf course that can make even the greatest champions look like 7 handicaps. Jordan Spieth is a new breed of golfer- Athletic, highly competitive, highly driven. Just like a 20 year old NFL Rookie, Jordan will have to learn how to handle the pressure and throttle his emotions so that there will be no negative effect. But to criticize him as so many did, is just unfair. It is nice to see honest emotion and passion because it shows how much it means. He did not curse, or violently throw his club into Ike’s Pond…so let us cut him slack and allow him to mature at a more reasonable pace…the kid is going to be a staple point in championship golf for years to come.

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